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Mass Spectrometry of Recoiled Ions

msri is capable of high-resolution surface analysis at high ambient pressures, making it well suited for real-time, in-situ analysis of film growth processes. The msri process reveals elemental, not molecular ions, and allows for quantitative measurements of surface composition. Advantages of msri include the ability to detect all elements (including H, D, and He), enhance sensitivity for low mass ions, distinguish different phases of films during growth, and measure the relative surface concentration of isotopes.





sims Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

The incoming ion sputters atomic and molecular particles from the surface. A few of the sputtered particles will be ions. These ions (secondary ions) are analyzed in a mass spectrometer


msri Mass Spectrometry of Recoiled Ions

The incoming ion has a direct and hard collision with some particles close to the surface (black), whereby a much larger amount of the incident ion's energy is transferred. Hence, this direct recoil ion has much higher energies as in the case of sims. It can reach the mass spectrometer even in poor vacuum.




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